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Every time you move, even if it's the second or third time, you have to restructure your life, personally and socially. You have to rethink your daily routines, sort out possible options for work or day activities.

You better spend some time redesigning your life, otherwise, you will see yourself moving to the next place again!

Do you want to live a meaningful life?

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It can be the start of a change in your daily routine, and the way you fill your days with activities.

You might want to pursue a career abroad as well.

You can also read my blogs about living a happy life abroad.

Expat Partner

Expat life as an Expat Partner can be really nice and stressful at the same time.

Especially when you are the partner of the working International.

Many Expat Partners have to stop working when they cross borders.

They have to give up, or at least pause, their own career to make the transition possible.

Some like it and yet many Expat Partners want to return to their job, at some point.

The fact that your own career is on hold for a while, is frustrating for many Expat Partners. How is that for you?

You are at the right place if you are living abroad, and you want to live a meaningful life again.

Let me listen to your story so I can help you in the best possible way.

Connect with me if you want a free 15-minute call to find out what you need.

A career coach for Expat Partners?

To become a happy Expat Partner, having a career is not always the solution. Some Expat Partners just want to take care of their families, that is totally fine too! After all, you have to feel satisfied and happy with your choices in life. Take the chance that you get, to spend more time with your family. It's OK to do so, but be convinced about your choice, and be proud of this decision too. With your head up in the air. 

If you want to make sure your career is not on a standstill, Expat Partner Career coach Heidi will help you with your:

I have coached hundreds of Expat Partners, over the past years, with great enthusiasm and success. Don't wait for a better day to start, do it today. Pick up the phone and give me a call or drop me an email. If you know that something needs to change, do it, now!

5 Networking tips for Expat Partners who don’t like networking

Geschreven door Heidi Los

They’ve all known each other for a long time. I am the new one and they don’t need me. You are scared to death by the idea of mingling with the locals. How would you begin? Why should you mingle amongst others anyway? You already have enough friends. You know it will be helpful and fun in the end, but to take the first step….

For some people, networking is like a party; for others, it is something they would rather avoid. As an Expat Partner, you know that you have to mingle in new social settings; mingle with the locals and among other Expat partners. You know this.

Although people always say I am comfortable connecting with others, it is not something I do very easily. I have learned tricks to make it happen and to step into the unknown of new people in my life. I had to learn this because my social environment was ever changing in the past few years.IMG_2234

1. Choose a social setting on which you can focus 

Pick out one social setting in which you can begin to hone your networking skills. That can be the school your children go to every day. All schools – especially International Schools – have people on the playground waiting for their children! I bet there will be lots of other parents out there with the same struggle to make contact. We all know that we need each other: You need them, they need you and they will help you! Never forget that all Expat Partners have been there before and will be again, over and over again. 

Don’t worry if your children attend the local school. This can be easier! For locals, it’s always exciting to get to know people from another country. You can light up their lives simply because they can help you (and helping others makes people feel good). Additionally, you can tell them about your life in another country. Most people want to learn about that. You can give them the feeling of traveling to your country without the actual traveling. Maybe they will even be inspired to travel.

Another option is to try to find a group of people who are from your home country. People from your country are living everywhere. Use Google to find network groups in your new area. Try to find them – even before you move to your new country. The worldwide web (school pages on Facebook or LinkedIn groups) can help you find people in groups with whom to connect.

2. Think about what your goal is

What do you need most? Is it information you are looking for? Information about the area or information about local customs? Or are you looking for a friend you can share your time with? Are you looking for someone to go to a museum with or do you want to find a local way of spending your days?

 If you have a goal, you can explore that. You are in charge and you can decide whether you like the contact or not. You can decide if you want to continue the contact you’ve just made.

3. Prepare yourself

Let the Internet do the work for you. Try to find groups or Facebook pages where you can look people up. If you are familiar with some faces, it will be easier to approach people simply because you already (think) you know them. The Internet will tell you a lot about other people. They share information about themselves and if you like that information, you might like the person behind it. You have something to talk about from the start of your new contact.

4. Listen

You can only listen if you ask people questions. Start with an open question and people will do the talking for you. How easy is that?!? I will tell you more about the art of listening. This is such a huge topic….I can spend days on this one! So for now: Start by practicing open questions. You can ask questions everywhere! Just ask a question and the answers will come!

5. You are not the only one….

You are not the only one who doesn’t like networking. Really! If you take a closer look, you will find people who don’t like to be the center of attention. If you can identify these people, you are one step ahead. You can feel comfortable approaching them. Trust me on this. They will feel relieved that you made the first move. If you do that, you will have a conversation without all the hassle. It will be a first step on your way to being comfortable making new contacts.

So, think about what you need. Go and ask questions! GO GO GO! You know you can do it and you know you will benefit from it!

Have fun with meeting new people around the globe!

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