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What my Amish friends taught me…

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Amish friends – Amish lessons


Today I will share my story about the Amish lessons I have learned from my Amish friends.  When I was 16, I watched a documentary about the Amish community in the USA. Their lifestyle impressed me in many ways. As a little girl I think it impressed me because their lifestyle was so far from what I was used to. I never fully understood why this documentary about their lives had such a big impact on my feelings about them and the way they lived their lives. Until I met them. Now I know. My Amish friends taught me a lot!

What my Amish friends taught me..

For a few years we have lived pretty close to the Pennsylvania Amish in the United States. Although it was many years ago when I saw this documentary about the Amish, it came to life for me when I got in good contact with some of them. I felt truly blessed to get to know a few of them, I have learned quite a lot from the Amish I met. It brought me (sometimes new) insights about the basic things in life and it taught me a different way to view people, to view myself and the problems we face in life.


‘Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place’.

We all have opinions about other people (and their opinions) more than once a day. What if you put yourself in their place? What happens to your opinion?


‘A happy memory never wears out’.


‘The best things in life are not things’. 

No make up, no fancy clothes, no high heals, no (big) cars. A simple life helps you live an easy life, without a lot of temptations. It will help you feel pleased with the things you have, the people you have in your family, your friends. You will not feel stressed with the feeling of wanting things.

No complaining

‘Every life has its dark and cheerful hours. Happiness comes from choosing which to remember’.

It is how it is. Things in life can be hard on you; they will be present in anyone’s life. It is your choice how to live with it.


‘He who waits to do a great deal of good at once will never do anything’.

You, and only you, are responsible for things you realize in your life. Don’t worry about making mistakes; just go for it and do it. That way you will find out what your next step can and will be.

Hard working

Hard working is in my veins; I was born and raised in a family (both sides) who used to work hard, without complaining. Period. When I met with these Amish girls I, again, faced the benefits of hard working, without complaining. Life is the way it is. You have to work hard to get all the work done and, in the end, you will feel happy and satisfied.

Respect is the key word to me when I think about them. I felt respect in every word spoken by my Amish friends. I felt very nicely treated, I felt welcome and whole.

What Amish proverb or Amish lesson stands out to you the most?

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