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We all need to gather strength

Geschreven door Heidi Los

Gathering strength

Living abroad can be a challenge at some point. As well as repatriation or impatriation. 
As Expat Partners we all face difficulties at some point during our life abroad. 
Things you think as being difficult differ from person to person.
We all face them, every now and then.
The way you gather strength is the question.
How do you gather strength in a difficult time in life?

With my US friend Sue we walked a guided tour in Maastricht when she visited us in the Netherlands.
After we’d seen this scenery we started talking about it and together we came up with the following.
Sue put our words to paper and I am happy to present this to you:

What do you see when you look at this picture?

What is its purpose? Is it art or is it functional?
Or is it both?

Gather strengthPractically speaking, this is a channel used by the fish of Maastricht in The Netherlands.
They were unable to navigate the nearby waterway so the channel was created to assist them.
The fish swim against the current and rest before each rock. Then they move on to the next.

Is the rock seen as an obstacle then or is it there to give them strength?

Gathering strength

You are like the fish and the channel is your journey through life.
There will be many challenges put in your path.
It is rarely smooth and straight. Usually it is full of twists and turns to navigate.
When you come upon a rock in your road, what do you do?
Gather strength like the fish and face it head on?

Sit in indecision; not sure how to proceed?
Unless you press on, you will never make progress and never grow.

Do you see this picture in a different way now?
Art and function combined.
It represents life in both a literal and figurative sense.
Like the fish, we must appreciate the calm moments and see the challenges as opportunities.
It is what makes up a life.
Each stage may not be beautiful or perfect, but as a whole it is a masterpiece.

What will your masterpiece look like when it is complete?

Please, let me know if you face a hard time in life. 
Together we can investigate your rocks in life so you will be able to gather strength to move on. 

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