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Expat Partner Career Coach Heidi wants you to live a meaningful life abroad,

so you can flourish in your own unique way!

Every time you move, even if it's the second or third time, you have to restructure your life, personally and socially. You have to rethink your daily routines, sort out possible options for work or day activities.

You better spend some time redesigning your life, otherwise, you will see yourself moving to the next place again!

Do you want to live a meaningful life?

Give your Expat life a boost and start today!

You can start with the free download (called Passport) on the right side of this page.

It is filled with questions, which will evoke you to think about your current life abroad.

It can be the start of a change in your daily routine, and the way you fill your days with activities.

You might want to pursue a career abroad as well.

You can also read my blogs about living a happy life abroad.

Expat Partner

Expat life as an Expat Partner can be really nice and stressful at the same time.

Especially when you are the partner of the working International.

Many Expat Partners have to stop working when they cross borders.

They have to give up, or at least pause, their own career to make the transition possible.

Some like it and yet many Expat Partners want to return to their job, at some point.

The fact that your own career is on hold for a while, is frustrating for many Expat Partners. How is that for you?

You are at the right place if you are living abroad, and you want to live a meaningful life again.

Let me listen to your story so I can help you in the best possible way.

Connect with me if you want a free 15-minute call to find out what you need.

A career coach for Expat Partners?

To become a happy Expat Partner, having a career is not always the solution. Some Expat Partners just want to take care of their families, that is totally fine too! After all, you have to feel satisfied and happy with your choices in life. Take the chance that you get, to spend more time with your family. It's OK to do so, but be convinced about your choice, and be proud of this decision too. With your head up in the air. 

If you want to make sure your career is not on a standstill, Expat Partner Career coach Heidi will help you with your:

I have coached hundreds of Expat Partners, over the past years, with great enthusiasm and success. Don't wait for a better day to start, do it today. Pick up the phone and give me a call or drop me an email. If you know that something needs to change, do it, now!

Growing your network, make it a high priority Expat Partner!

Geschreven door Heidi Los

Growing your network should be a high priority for Expat Partners, at least at some point.
When you move abroad, you have many ways to approach your new life.
Most likely you will first try to learn the local language, find your way around.
There will be a moment when you feel the urge to make new friends.

Growing your network, make it a high priority Expat Partner!

Growing your network

Growing your network, make it a high priority Expat Partner!

Ways to let grow your network

There are many ways to grow your network in the new setting:

  1.    Stick to the people of your home country.
  2.    Search for friends who speak your own language.
  3.    Mingle with locals.
  4.    Connect with a variety of nationalities.

The first three options for growing your network have their advantages and disadvantages.
Let me explain.

  1. Having friends from your own culture

This is really nice and necessary to have.
You don’t need many words to feel understood by the other.
You speak the same language and you speak the same culture.
Together, you most likely experience the new culture in a similar way.
The biggest disadvantage is that you miss the opportunity to mingle with and learn from other cultures.

  1. Searching for friends who speak the same language

This is a good option, too.
It’s easy to speak in your own language.
It doesn’t cost you energy.
A disadvantage is that you don’t use the possibility to learn and speak other languages.

  1. Mingle with locals

This is most likely the hardest way to connect with new people.
It can be the most exciting way as well.
If you can, try it.
You will feel proud.
The downside can be that you try hard, but you never feel 100% integrated.
You can have the feeling that you are constantly trying to adjust to the new culture.

  1. If you try to find a mix of all the options, you have the best of all worlds

You will learn about the host culture.
You will also be able to keep up with home country traditions.
It makes it easier to keep your own culture alive.
You will experience easy switching between two cultures at some point.

Saying HI to people I don’t know is scary

Introducing yourself to others can be very scary.
Especially to new people, to people you don’t know at all. We all know that.

You have to be bold and daring to make new friends.
You have to introduce yourself to others.
Imagine what will happen if you take that first -scary and big- step.
As a result, you can have no reaction at all. 
That is probably the worst case scenario, but how bad is that?

You might think that you are the only new person in town.
I can tell you, you are not.
You just don’t know who’s new and who isn’t.
People appreciate those who say “Hi” and try.
That is very rewarding.
So, take the first step to connect.

Both you and the person you are approaching will be very thankful that you did just that small act of bravery.

Search online and grow your network

There are many ways to connect with people.
Online, for example, Facebook is a great platform.
While you are safe at home, you can start exploring new friends.
You can find groups in your area easily.
For example, in Eindhoven, we have this great online group called Expat Ladies in Eindhoven.
This online platform creates easy access (on- and offline) to other Expat Partners.
Many other groups on Facebook will help you to connect with people like you.

The next step is to invite people to an activity.
Asking people to join you for a cup of coffee or for a visit to a museum is a fun way of getting to know each other.
As a result, you will be surprised by the positive effect of doing this.
If you are scared about awkward silence in a conversation, go to the movies.

Growing your network through real-time meetings

If you prefer to meet with people in person, have a look at international events.
In Eindhoven, we have such a wonderful place called the HUB.
They offer a huge variety of activities weekly.
There is always something going on.
You definitely meet with people in the same boat.
That makes it easy.

Be bold, step out of your safe zone and make new friends.
Still afraid to put yourself out there? Connect with Heidi.
She will help you, encourage you to step into the ‘danger zone’ called your new life!

Maybe you are settled in and ready for the next step?
If you are looking for a fulfilling day occupation, have a look here!

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