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Expat Partner Career Coach Heidi wants you to live a meaningful life abroad,

so you can flourish in your own unique way!

Every time you move, even if it's the second or third time, you have to restructure your life, personally and socially. You have to rethink your daily routines, sort out possible options for work or day activities.

You better spend some time redesigning your life, otherwise, you will see yourself moving to the next place again!

Do you want to live a meaningful life?

Give your Expat life a boost and start today!

You can start with the free download (called Passport) on the right side of this page.

It is filled with questions, which will evoke you to think about your current life abroad.

It can be the start of a change in your daily routine, and the way you fill your days with activities.

You might want to pursue a career abroad as well.

You can also read my blogs about living a happy life abroad.

Expat Partner

Expat life as an Expat Partner can be really nice and stressful at the same time.

Especially when you are the partner of the working International.

Many Expat Partners have to stop working when they cross borders.

They have to give up, or at least pause, their own career to make the transition possible.

Some like it and yet many Expat Partners want to return to their job, at some point.

The fact that your own career is on hold for a while, is frustrating for many Expat Partners. How is that for you?

You are at the right place if you are living abroad, and you want to live a meaningful life again.

Let me listen to your story so I can help you in the best possible way.

Connect with me if you want a free 15-minute call to find out what you need.

A career coach for Expat Partners?

To become a happy Expat Partner, having a career is not always the solution. Some Expat Partners just want to take care of their families, that is totally fine too! After all, you have to feel satisfied and happy with your choices in life. Take the chance that you get, to spend more time with your family. It's OK to do so, but be convinced about your choice, and be proud of this decision too. With your head up in the air. 

If you want to make sure your career is not on a standstill, Expat Partner Career coach Heidi will help you with your:

I have coached hundreds of Expat Partners, over the past years, with great enthusiasm and success. Don't wait for a better day to start, do it today. Pick up the phone and give me a call or drop me an email. If you know that something needs to change, do it, now!

Having dual thoughts about your daily activities?

Geschreven door Heidi Los

Last week I got a phone call.

twee vrouwen bellen

The woman who called is married with two children. She keeps telling me that she is happy in her new life. (Note: She has been living abroad for the last six months.)  With a six-hour time difference, she is still able to keep in contact with her family and friends back home.  At the same time, she is building a new social life which is mainly centered around the agenda of her children.  She is happy, but at the same time she is unable to continue to work as she used to in her home country.  She was able to make her (former) working life a successful one, but living abroad has forced her to put it on hold.

The caller doesn’t feel satisfied about that.  She is missing the daily routine of going to her office to work with some of her colleagues.  She is also telling me that she is not able to figure out the best course of action for work and daily activities now that she is living abroad.  

On the other hand, she’s happy to not have to work outside the home as well.  Accepting a job is a possibility, but she has fears about not being there for her kids, especially because her husband is often away on business.  It feels good to her to be able to be around to take care of the household, the children and the eventual move (in three years).  Trying to do these things and work would be a challenge when living abroad.

So, she’s missing work and she’s not missing it at all.  I totally recognize this feeling.  I asked her what she hoped to gain from talking to me.  She told me she wants to discover what motivates her to get up every morning.  Now it is time to find out what her needs in her new life are.  I complimented her on taking the huge step of starting the process.  That is where it all begins.  From there, she can start moving forward with her own life.  And so can you!

The Inner Journey wil help you to find out what motivates you to get up every morning.  Would it be really just taking care of the family?  Is that what you really want?  Or do you feel you’ve more to give?  If that’s so, it’s time to find out what else you would like to do!  Do you know what is important to you, in the life you live now….

If you want to learn more about the Inner Journey click here.

Issues can grow unnecessarily big if you don’t give them a little time and reflection.  My caller told me she wants a coach to guide her through her conflicting thoughts about her daily activities.  She started the Inner Journey program, becoming more aware of her needs, her role in life, her being happy and fulfilled.

If you recognize yourself in this story, the Inner Journey program is something for you, too. Sign up here.

Or simply give me a call +3 6 5112 5809 if you want to find out if this program suits you.  I would love to talk to you!

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