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Live in the now

Geschreven door Heidi Los

LIVE NOW - DYOFLIVE IN THE NOW – WITH YOUR FUTURE IN MIND. Living in the now is a message you see everywhere. Living in the now, sure! Some think it is a trend, some think it’s hot, some like it a lot and some cannot see the benefit from it. Those four words ‘LIVING IN THE NOW’ are all around us. It’s on t-shirts, billboards, jewelry, postcards, in the media, even on a piece of wood to put up in one of your favorite rooms in your house. The message is everywhere nowadays.

The message ‘LIVING IN THE NOW’ is all around us; and I like it.

All those messages – seen everywhere – are there to serve you; it is a quick reminder of living in the now. At least that’s how it works for me. That quick reminder of living in the moment is making it easier for me to live the message. It is like, for example, skating. The more you do it, the better you are at it. The more you, at least, try to live in the now or live in the moment, the better you will become in bringing the four words to practice.

As you must have seen in the header, I put another five words behind it. Let me explain why. You are -most likely- an Expat Partner, which is exactly why I added those words to the LIVE IN THE NOW. I did it especially FOR YOU and this is why:

Your life had some dramatic changes because you and your family had the courage to live abroad. While living abroad, you have to live in the now. Because your life is so different from what you are used to, you almost automatically live in the now. YOU have to survive the first months, you have to find the food you like, you need to know the best general practitioner in town and you have to find your way around. Not tomorrow, not in a week, you have to find it out NOW. Simply to get it all done; to make sure you can live on.

I experienced that it is very easy to live in the now in the first months after the move. But after a while, when things normalize and you have crossed the first big hurdles to take, your life is changing again. Life is life; that’s the way it is. You can easily lean back and keep on doing the things you are doing or planned to do in life.

Or you can accept these changes and see them as a way to move forward; making more of the NOW.

Living in the now is not that hard when living your life as an Expat Partner, but what about your future? Do you recognize the moment that you think ahead in time; that you think about your future? Or don’t you look that far ahead? Yeah, why should you? Why should you think about your future? Why think about the time your children leave the house for university? Why should you think about your return ‘back home’? Why think about your life as if your partner is leaving you for someone else? Why should you?

Not all of the above things will happen to you – I guess, I hope, but what if? What does your life look like? Can you rely on the things you did accomplish in life? Or do you have a gap that will hardly be understood by anybody, but those who lived abroad themselves?

Let me put it this way. Let the words ‘LIVE IN THE NOW’ help you and guide you towards a life lived in the NOW. The more you see it, the more you get used to it, the easier it is to understand those words or even live those words.

On top of this, I do also hope you will think about the other five words ‘with your future in mind’ if you read the words ‘LIVE IN THE NOW’.

Big hug for NOW 😉

Live in the NOW - DYOF

  • Daniela zegt: 24 March 2016 Coincidence or not, I´ve been thinking about this for a while and I even talked to Lorena about it a week ago. Everybody is always reminding us to focus on here and now, which I think it´s great, because we always tend to imagine a more negative future than what it will really will be. My thought was what if the real and now doesn´t make you happy, shouldn´t we then just focus on thinking about a better future for ourselves? So you adding "With the future in mind" just makes so much sense. Love it!

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