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Live a meaningful life abroad!

Expat Partner Career Coach Heidi wants you to live a meaningful life,
so you can flourish in your own unique way!
Every time you move, even if it's the second or third time, you have to restructure your life, personally and socially. You have to rethink your daily routines, sort out possible options for work or day activities.

You better spend some time redesigning your life, otherwise, you will see yourself moving to the next place again!

Do you want a meaningful life too?
Give your expat life a boost and start today!

You can start with the free download on top of this page.
It is filled with questions, it makes you think about your current life.
It can be the start of a change in your daily routines.

You can also read my blogs about living a life abroad.

Expat Life

Expat life can be really nice and stressful at the same time.
Especially when you are the partner of the working International.
Many Expat Partners have to stop working when they cross borders.
Some like it and yet many Expat Partners want to return to their job, at some point.
The fact that your own career is on hold for a while, is frustrating for many Expat Partners. How is that for you?
You are at the right place if you are living abroad, and you want to live a meaningful life again.
Let me listen to your story so I can help you in the best possible way.

Connect with me if you want a free 15-minute call to find out what you need.

A career for all Expat Partners?

To become a happy Expat Partner, having a career is not always the solution. Some Expat Partners just want to take care of their families, that is fine too! After all, you have to feel satisfied and happy with your choices in life.

Expat Partner Career coach Heidi will help you with your:

Over the past 10 years, I have coached hundreds of Expat Partners, don't wait for a better day to start, do it today. Pick up the phone and give me a call. You know that something needs to change, so do it!

In de Media

The impact for the Expat Partner – and what you do with it….

Geschreven door Heidi Los

Living abroad always involves many changes.  You know that!  Most obviously (at least from the employer’s perspective) are the changes in working environment for the Expat employee.  The impact for YOU, is often just as significant.  Many Expat Partners have been forced to give up their jobs as part of the relocation process and often take on the whole responsibility for ensuring the family’s smooth transition.  As well as supporting the working spouse, you are usually the one who settle the children into new schools, find trusted medical practitioners, and locate shops, dry-cleaners, plumbers, and electricians.  The list is endless and the process can be daunting and exhausting, especially when conducted, as is often the case, in a foreign language.  There is, of course, the added complication of adaptation to a new culture and social life in addition to all of this.



In the midst of all of this change, it is very important to take care of the well being of YOU yourself, hard-working Expat Partner!!  Without a doubt, a happy and relaxed partner is of benefit to the whole family.  The worker of the family can concentrate whole-heartedly on the new job, and the family as a whole can feel more secure with their new environment.

You read this as an Expat partner all the time, and you know it’s true, that taking care of yourself is very important…. But what does it mean to take care of yourself?  Do you know what you need?  And if you know it, do you know how to succeed?

Do you want to learn more about the how, so you can live a more fulfilled life as long as you live abroad?  So you can be a benefit to the whole family?  Do you want to live a valued life and a life of value?  Take some time to discover what aspect of your life you need to give more attention.  The following chart will help you find out: find the WHEEL OF LIFE here.

Let go rules and limitations and step into creating a life that is centered on what truly brings you alive.

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