I coach Expat Partners to live a fulfilled life so they can flourish in their own unique way!

Since 2009 I help Expat Partners with their careers.

Expat life can be really nice but stressful at the same time.

Knowing that your own career is on hold (for a while) is frustrating for many Expat Partners. 

You are at the right place if you are an Expat, living in another country, and you want to get back to work again.

The past 3 years I am living and working in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 

Let me listen to your story so I can help you in the best possible way.


This is what one of my clients says:

I interacted with Heidi to plan about my career in the Netherlands (as an expat partner). Until I met Heidi, I was almost convinced that homemaker takes the most out of me and I can never go back to work which I used to enjoy more. Thanks to her guidance, motivation, inspiration, and support. She really changed my view and within few weeks I became confident that I can go back if I want to, and also whenever I want to. She was very informative and energetic during our calls and ensured that my CV and LinkedIn profile are updated with most recent information. She also ensured that my profile looked professional, suitable and at the same time attractive for my job hunt in the Netherlands. The outcome of all her sincere and dedicated efforts is my current job, which I am most happy about! But for Heidi, I would not have achieved it at all. She is a good mentor and guide for an expat partner, and provides the correct input! I strongly recommend her as the career coach for expat partners.


Expat in Eindhoven?!

City film Eindhoven 2 March 2018

Many Expat families are living in Eindhoven and there are more to come.  Eindhoven is expecting the big number of 50.000 Expats in Eindhoven in 2020! Are you considering moving to the Netherlands?  You have to know about this place called Eindhoven…  Are you already Expat in Eindhoven?  Let us know, are you as enthusiastic […]

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What the M&M’S sorting machine designer can teach Expat Partners

Expat Partners skills and M&M's 13 March 2017

This blog is about M&M’s and Expat Partners. More specific: it’s about the skills a machinedesigner can teach Expat Partners. Not technical but personal skills and persistence to let your dreams come to life! ‘Are you sure?’ Yes, I want to talk to you about what we can learn from the maker of the M&M’S […]

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Top 8 Communication Skills for Expat Partners

Top 8 Communication Skills for Expat Partners 6 February 2017

The ability to communicate effectively as an Expat Partner with the people around you in the new country is essential no matter what home country or background you have. If you don’t speak the language of the host country, it’s even more important to communicate effectively. Expat Partners must know how to effectively convey and receive […]

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What my Amish friends taught me…

4 January 2017

Amish friends – Amish lessons   Today I will share my story about the Amish lessons I have learned from my Amish friends.  When I was 16, I watched a documentary about the Amish community in the USA. Their lifestyle impressed me in many ways. As a little girl I think it impressed me because their lifestyle […]

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Wishing you a …. 2017!

2 January 2017

2017 Wishing you a ….. 2017! In the new year most people wish you a happy new year, I wish you a lot more See what I have in mind for you in 2017!  

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We all need to gather strength

22 December 2016

Gathering strength Living abroad can be a challenge at some point. As well as repatriation or impatriation.  As Expat Partners we all face difficulties at some point during our life abroad.  Things you think as being difficult differ from person to person. We all face them, every now and then. The way you gather strength is the question. […]

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Have a plan for the holidays

12 December 2016

Have a plan….and relieve yourself of last minute pressure! Having a plan is the key!     Most likely you will be traveling or hosting families during the holiday. Having a plan ahead will help things go more smoothly. That way you will be more relaxed during the actual holiday. So, have a plan!   […]

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43 rules for a smooth repatriation

A smooth repatriation 10 October 2016

A smooth repatriation, that’s what you need! We all have to face it sooner or later: repatriation is part of Expat life!  Above all we want the repatriation to be as smooth as possible, right?  I have made a list of 43 rules for a smooth repatriation, so feel free to learn from it! Repatriation, […]

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New Expat Friends…not again!

30 September 2016

Not again…. Making new Expat friends, as Expat Partners do a lot, can be exhausting and make you tired. After several moves you get tired of getting to know new people. Too tired to go out there, say ‘HI’ again and again….  You really don’t want to talk to new people even if you know you should. […]

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Expat Family Emergency Plan

28 September 2016

This is why you need the Expat Family Emergency Plan: Blood all over his face! We had just moved from Vienna to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I was busy. Very busy. The children were at their new school -their first day. I thought I had everything under controle until the phone rang. It was the school. Our son […]

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