I coach Expat Partners to live a fulfilled life so they can flourish in their own unique way!





Inner Journey

Do you feel like your partner’s job is the conductor of your life?  Are you satisfied with the way you live your life at the moment, or do you miss something?  Do you hear an inner voice screaming: ‘what about your life, what about your career?’  Do you need help to dive into your own needs while living abroad? Are you ready for a state of mind that will benefit you as an Expat Partner? Do you want to live a happy, balanced and fulfilled life? 

Living a complete live is not that hard, but you have to work on it!

Have a look at the online program I have made for you! It is called the Inner Journey, I designed it especially for you!

DESIGN YOUR OWN FUTURE is offering you a program that will help you experience a more fulfilled life while living abroad.

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Many Expat partners feel slightly stressed about not being in charge of their lives. They feel like their partner’s job or their children are in charge instead of themselves. As a result, they feel a lack of fulfillment and don’t feel the joy in their daily lives. 

Learning more about yourself and the way you act as an Expat partner can change this feeling. It’s very important to be aware of your own needs in life, wherever you live. This is, especially, the case if you live abroad. You have to take some time for yourself and with yourself.

If you have the feeling of being in charge of your own life:

  • You feel confident about your life now and for the future
  • You know what you want to do in daily life
  • You know your own needs
  • You have a plan

Being in charge of your own life will mean a lot to you. The family around you will also know what you stand for and what is important to you. That will help you to experience happiness because you matter, too!

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Learn this in my new online program – Being in charge of your own life as an Expat partner. This Inner Journey program will help you step-by-step. This program will help motivate you to get in contact with the real you (again). Don’t get weighed down with useless moments of stress and aimlessness. Don’t get tangled up in your unproductive patterns. Get in balance so you can live your Expat life to the max!

In recent years, I have been fortunate to coach many Expat partners through this process. I have helped them achieve a more balanced life. That is what I want for you, too; a life that is happier and more fulfilled.



9 Expat Partners lessons, via email.

You will receive templates, exercises and checklists, to easily dive into this journey to reach a satisfying result for yourself. 
The content of the lessons will be / you will learn more about: 

  1. 1)  Questionnaire; these questions will give you more insight about YOU yourself.
  2. 2)  Your Values
  3. 3)  Your Talent
  4. 4)  Your Roles in your present life
  5. 5)  Your Future Self
  6. 6)  What holds you back?
  7. 7)  Analyze your Personal Success
  8. 8)  Saying NO is easy!
  9. 9)  Me & Myself friendship
  10. 10)  Your life purpose statement
  11. 11)  Your Personal Development Plan 


You can download useful visualisations used in the program.

heidiThis online program is offered to you by Heidi Los.

She has been a helpful and successful coach for many Expat partners over the years.
She helped Expat Partners find their purpose in their new lives abroad. 


The investment for this specific program is nicely priced.
You pay 297 euro for this Inner Journey program.

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If you have any questions about the program, please email me or give me a call. I would love to help you!
Warm wishes, Heidi




You will reach a faster, more sustainable result if you put things to paper. Send your work to me and you can receive feedback on your outcome. If you choose for this option you will get a personal feedback session on top of the workbook you already get.

You do your work in the workbook, after you finished all the chapters you send your document to me by email and we plan a 1-1 session by phone. If you want this extra feedback session you pay only 99 euro extra.

Let me know if you have any questions!